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Osisko Gold: Undervalued Royalties

Tickers: OR

It’s time to get back into select gold stock; indeed, Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) remains the most undervalued and prospective of the royalty companies…


Sweet Outlook for Chocolate Duo

Tickers: HSY, RMCF

Cocoa tends to begin a seasonal decline in early to mid-March through the end of May, instituting a short position in our seasonal best-trade category,…


Gold: The Ultimate Safe Haven

Tickers: AEM, GDX, GDXJ, AA, X

Global gold investment demand for 2016 hit its highest level in four years. Gold is special. It can’t go broke and it’s stood the test of thousands…


3 Critical Forces in Assessing Gold

Tickers: GDX

Context is everything in life, and the same is true in markets. The more our world moves towards boiling everything down to 140 characters or a…


Randgold: High Velocity Buy

Tickers: GOLD

The best companies attract capital and generate huge profits if you buy them when they’re going up; the research over 16+ years is very clear on…


The Best ETF for Silver Profits

Tickers: AILJ

Money is flowing into precious metals and the price action is strong. It looks like a classic "flight to safety" that should have some legs, explains…