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Stay Hedged with the Yuan


The Trump-Xi summit resulted in diplomatic declarations of good will and a promise to keep dialogue open, explains Kuen Chan,…

Emerging Markets: Defying Political Fears


The surprising result of the U.S. presidential election confounded many investors who had positioned themselves for a different outcome, explains…

War and Safe Havens: Gold & Currencies


Things are heating up on the military front. Both the US and Russia are taking a hard line (so far) over what’s happening in Syria, explains Jon…

Is Inflation Predictable?


If there’s one overarching theme that’s accompanied the Trump rally, it’s the idea of reflation. In fact, if you look at the price action across…

Dollar Strength: "It's All Relative"


The dollar is still #1 on the international currency hit parade. And if interest rates rise further, it’ll likely stay in first position, at least…