Five Star Traders Eyes Two Harbors

Tickers: TWO

Real estate investment trusts are subject to higher interest rates. But, after the recent slow jobs growth report, the Fed isn’t likely to be aggressive…


Insider Buying at Energy Duo

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Stephen Biggar, senior analyst of Argus Research, looks to a pair of stocks in the energy sector what are both seeing significant…


Rollins: Pests and Profits

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There are some companies that will simply go on and on - regardless of market trends; indeed, the billion-dollar pest control industry is steady…


Smart Sand: Value in Fracking

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In a hunt for value, I’ve been poking around in some beaten up sectors. This search led me to the oil patch where I found a recent IPO that makes…


A High-Yielding Trio

Tickers: F, STX, LB

The average dividend yield of the S&P 500 Index is only 2%, but there are many highly profitable companies paying 5% dividend yields or more, observes…