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Value ETFs for the Trump Trade

Tickers: IUSV, IVE

Right now, the "Trump trade" is one in which cyclical sectors are likely to benefit, including Trump-specific sectors such as aerospace and defense,…


Tocqueville: Top Pick for Miners

Tickers: TGLDX

Sector funds with a narrow focus that still offers investors a diversified way to gain stakes in particular market segments. Our gold fund Tocqueville…


A Duo of IPO-Focused ETFs

Tickers: IPO, FPX

I love capitalism, free minds and free markets; in fact, I’m a proud extremist and an ardent advocate for these principles because, to the extent…


An ETF for High Yield Corporates

Tickers: HYG

Despite a bear market for bonds in the face of rising interest rates and inflation expectations, one corner of the fixed income market is thriving.…