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How to Spot Abnormal Market Behavior

Fresh out of college, Jake Bernstein developed observations about abnormal behavior in his work at a Chicago mental hospital. Decades later, those…


Two Plays on DoubleLine for Income

Tickers: DSL

This is not the time to be complacent about the markets or our portfolios. There still are opportunities for safe, solid profits, but there also…


Long Trade Idea if SPY Declines

Tickers: SPY

Today's trade idea: New long trade ideas can be initiated if SPY declines to $235.14, or lower, suggests Landon Whaley, Founder and CEO of Whaley…


Best Sectors for the "Worst" Months

Because we already know that the market tends to post the majority of its gains from November through April and does very little from May to October…


Bonds: A Major Top?

Inflation has been perking up, not only in the U.S., but in the other major countries as well. So despite sluggish economic growth, inflation expectations…


Bottom Fishing in Energy

Energy prices have been on a wild ride in the past year, pulled between efforts by OPEC to cut production and by the resurgence in US production…


Conoco-Phillips: Weathering a Rocky Road

Tickers: COP

Despite the recent rocky action seen in oil prices, Conoco-Phillips (COP) is showing signs of life, notes growth and income expert Jack Adamo,…


GNC Holdings: Value in Vitamins

Tickers: GNC

GNC Holdings (GNC) is the leading retailer of health and wellness products. GNC's offerings include vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements,…